25% off for Magic Week? Have we lost our minds?

25% off for Magic Week? Have we lost our minds?

In short, yes. We have lost our minds. National Magic Week is all about giving back, and we can't think of anyone better to give back to than all you amazing magicians. 🎩🐇

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🎩 Did You Know?
National Magic Week isn't just a celebration of spells and tricks, but it's an ode to the rich history of magic and the charitable hearts of magicians worldwide.

✨ A Glimpse into the Magical Past ✨

  • The echoes of National Magic Week began over 90 years ago, with the establishment of a “Houdini Day” in the summer of 1927.
  • In 1938, fueled by passion and respect for the legendary Harry Houdini, Les Sholty from the Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.) initiated the idea for an official “Houdini Day.”
  • With blessings from Mrs. Houdini herself, October 31st was soon recognized as National Magic Day. This special day was dedicated to free magic shows for those who, due to circumstances, couldn’t experience the wonder of a live magic performance.
  • The first ever radio whisper about National Magic Day was on July 20, 1938, graced by the voice of Mrs. Houdini herself on Radio station KQW.
  • As the magic spread, one day soon transformed into an entire week, and thus, National Magic Week was born.

Celebrate this week by not just being a spectator but a magician in your own right. With our 25% discount, there’s no better time to stock up on your magical needs.

Experience the Magic. Honor the Tradition.
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P.S. Remember, magic isn't just in the tricks we perform but in the hearts we touch.

The Fine Print: Minimum order of $30, but with these savings we assume you'll want more than that anyway. 

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