The Criss Cross Force: A Simple but Deceptive Card Technique with a Rich Legacy

The Criss Cross Force: A Simple but Deceptive Card Technique with a Rich Legacy

In card magic, where artistry and illusion intertwine, the Criss Cross Force stands as a versatile and captivating technique. In this article, we'll delve into the history, method, and enduring appeal of the Criss Cross Force—a deceptive card move that continues to mystify audiences despite its simplicity.

If you are a beginner please note, you must never reveal magic secrets to non-magicians, you must practice before performing, and this is just a technique to be used in a trick, it is not a trick by itself. If you want ideas for tricks using this force, let us know in the comments below. And now . . .

A Brief History of the Criss Cross Force

The Criss Cross Force, also known as the Cross Force, is a classic card manipulation technique with a storied past. While the exact origin remains elusive, this force has been an integral part of card magic for generations. Magicians have embraced it for its unique ability to control card selections while maintaining the illusion of free choice by the spectator.

Notably, the Criss Cross Force was described in a trick titled "The New Knife and Selected Cards" by Max Holden in Edward Bagshawe's Magical Monthly, Volume 2, Number 10 (July 1925), adding a touch of historical significance to its legacy.

 Performing the Criss Cross Force: Step-by-Step

  1. Prepare the Force Card: Grab your favorite deck of cards. Begin by secretly placing the card you want to force on the bottom of the deck. This will be the card your spectator will unknowingly choose.

  2. Place the Deck face down on the Table

  3. Cut the Cards: Place the top half of the cards next to the bottom half, or let the spectator do so.

  4. Create the Criss Cross: Place the bottom half of the deck (which contains the force card) on top of the top half at a 90-degree angle. This creates a crisscross pattern in the deck.

  5. Engage the Spectator: To divert the spectator's attention from the secret move, engage them with questions or misdirection.

  6. Reveal the Chosen Card: Finally, lift the top portion of the deck, showing the bottom card, which is now their selected card (and your force card). To their amazement, it appears as though they made a free choice, while you have successfully forced the desired card.

By following these steps, you can perform the Criss Cross Force smoothly and leave your audience in wonder.

Applications and Versatility

The Criss Cross Force offers magicians a wide range of applications:

  • Seamless Control: This force allows magicians to subtly control the selection of a card while maintaining the appearance of a free choice by the spectator.

  • Versatile Card Tricks: Magicians can incorporate the Criss Cross Force into a variety of card tricks, making it a versatile tool in their repertoire.

  • Audience Engagement: The force's deceptive nature and the appearance of a free choice engage audiences and add intrigue to performances.

Conclusion: A Timeless Card Force that Delights Audiences

The Criss Cross Force, with its rich history and elegant execution, remains a cherished technique in the world of card magic. Its ability to seamlessly control card selections while preserving the illusion of choice ensures its enduring relevance. Some magicians say this force is too obvious, but we think you will find it both simple and effective. As you practice and master this classic card force, you'll discover its potential to captivate and amaze, leaving your audience spellbound and eager for more of your magical artistry.

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