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Performing and Building Magic: Do's and Don'ts by Rand Woodbury - Book

Performing and Building Magic: Do's and Don'ts by Rand Woodbury - Book

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People looking to get started in the magic don't always have a theatrical background or the technical prowess needed to perform shows successfully or build efficiently. If you are one of those people, Rand Woodbury has put this together for you.

Using decades of experience, he looked back at the real show situations he faced and examined the why's and how's of his performing success-as well as the lessons learned from mistakes. After all, hindsight is 20/20. Your career in the magic will benefit from the seasoned expertise of a man who has seen and done it all.

The information provided in this book is straight forward:

a) Use this advice and you will be able to skip the rookie mistakes that delays success
b) Follow these guidelines to worry free performances and construct better equipment that will help prolong your career in magic.
  • Learn from a detailed list of tried and true advice for touring magicians
  • Learn how to eliminate issues that come between you and your performance goals
  • Learn a simple three-step formula to help you develop and create tricks for your shows
Rand says, "This is all the stuff that no one ever tells you about performing, touring, repairing and building magic tricks. This is all the time-tested wisdom that reduces stress and helps you perform with the confidence of an industry veteran." The amount of real, working knowledge offered is a necessity for anyone seeking professional results.

Content: 54 pages, paperback, spiral-bound

Copyright 2020 © Rand Woodbury
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