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Stagecraft For Magicians: Producing Your Own Show For The Stage by Terry Magelssen - Book

Stagecraft For Magicians: Producing Your Own Show For The Stage by Terry Magelssen - Book

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"This book is long over due and I want to thank Terry Magelssen for sharing these insights, tricks and tips giving all of us the opportunity to become better entertainers offering products of higher quality"
- David Sandy, Past International President, IBM

Presenting stage magic well is hard work. Every pro knows it's more than just the tricks. The "total visual experience" involves so much more than simply walking out on stage and performing. Without a basic knowledge of theater skills and stagecraft, the magician will not create their best stuff.

Inside the pages of this book lie the secrets to taking your show or act to the next level. Learn about...
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Microphones
  • Backdrops
  • Special F/X
  • ATA Cases
  • Building Your Team
  • Theater Anatomy
  • Contract Riders
  • Buying vs. Renting
  • Working with Techs
About The Author:

Terry Magelssen has been performing magic since 1973. He went PRO in 1985 and since has been involved in large corporate and theatrical events on both sides of the stage. Writing, directing, consulting and performing. Terry is sought out for this knowledge and detailed experience of Technical Theater. Lighting, audio, set design, and other aspects of stagecraft have become his passion. He also knows how to pack it up and take it on the road. From working church basements to the finest theaters, Terry knows how to make an event spectacular. Terry lives in the Peculiar, MO area with his wife, Carol. They have 4 grown boys and 5 grandchildren.
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