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Bisection BLUE by Armanujjaman Abir - Trick

Bisection BLUE by Armanujjaman Abir - Trick

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We all know the classic illusion where a lady is cut in half: Bisection by Armanujjaman Abir is great, fun and magical "miniature" version of that very same plot: A pocket sized "Modern Art" if you will!


A card is selected by the spectator and a piece of cardboard with a dashed cutting line is folded around the center of the chosen card - with just a snap of your fingers the card seems to be magically cut in half without any moves or whatsoever as you slide the top half of the card aside... Magically and visually the top half begins to move on its own and eerily slides back into position only to reveal the fully restored card.

Comes with pre-made ready to go gimmick and everything else you need to perform this right away.
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