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CAP STACK by Taiwan Ben - Trick

CAP STACK by Taiwan Ben - Trick

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What if you could DEFY the laws of physics, the laws of nature?

You walk up to a bunch of spectators and BORROW their plastic drink bottles. Unscrewing the bottle caps, you explain that you will balance one of the caps on top of the other.

No, not in the traditional sense! You balance the caps on their round edge, and to the spectator's surprise, the cap doesn't fall or roll off! IMPOSSIBLE!

As if that wasn't impressive enough, you introduce a THIRD cap and balance it together on top of the two!

POWERFUL, EASY to perform, ORGANIC, you can balance your drink cap with other items as well. Unlimited possibilities, this is an item that will surely go into your pockets straightaway!

No Adhesive, No Strings, Just a PRECISION MANUFACTURED Gimmick and a PURE MIRACLE!

What you receive: Self-Working Gimmick Caps Set and Video instruction
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