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Secret Tale of Robin Hood: Black Owl Playing Cards

Secret Tale of Robin Hood: Black Owl Playing Cards

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The Dutch Card House Company has made the second installment in the Secret Tale Playing Cards series, a fully custom luxury playing cards with unique art design and stories about legends that have never been told before.

Last year they revealed the secret story of King Arthur. Now they have revealed another chivalrous tale they discovered in a secret box: Robin Hood and his secret sister Alise, and the red owl!

Like the previous deck in the series, this design combines old folk art with an antique color palette with lots of motifs from the Robin Hood story used to create a harmonic back design to fit the overall look and feel of the Secret Tale series.

While the theme color of the King Arthur deck was Emerald Blue, Ruby Red is the primary color for the Robin Hood deck. The Robin Hood tuck cases are adorned with elements of the story, richly printed with three colors of foil and strategic embossing for a glamorous, luxurious look and feel.

The custom, handcrafted courts showcase the main characters of this Robin Hood story; some are already legendary, some hidden for centuries, all now ready to show their true faces.

Showing artwork that has never been seen on any other deck of cards before. The pips are custom and arranged in an alternative order, unlike traditional cards, another design element unique to these decks.

Printed by WJPC on their most luxurious stock.
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