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Densho (Green) Playing Cards

Densho (Green) Playing Cards

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Genso & Densho Playing Cards marks the second collaboration between Card Experiment and Yosuke Ando, a Tokyo-based, graphic designer that worked on Musha & Goketsu Playing Cards. Card Experiment continues to pursue the intricate and colorful visual style of traditional Japanese woodblock printing as seen in Musha & Goketsu Playing Cards with a touch of modern twist and playfulness. Genso and Densho Playing Cards maintains a highly distinctive woodblock printing style and at the same time preserving playing card design sensibilities.

The focus of Genso & Densho Playing Cards is to introduce popular Japanese folk tales featuring encounters with semi-legendary protagonists, supernatural births, and fantastical creatures. Japanese folk tales, like folklore all around the world, distill nuggets of folk wisdom in stories that are attention grabbing and easy to understand, especially to children. Through these stories, morals and lessons that are important to the Japanese culture and have endured the passage of time can be glimpsed and appreciated, and continue to be passed down for generations to come.

Densho tuck cases made of premium quality paper stock by GMUND from Germany. Hot foil stamped and letter pressed in Hong Kong.

Cards printed by The United States Playing Card Company.

Produced by Card Experiment.
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