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Eleusis Marked Deck (Red) by Fraser Parker

Eleusis Marked Deck (Red) by Fraser Parker

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It all started with a simple idea. I wondered if it was possible to create a marked deck of cards that would be easy to read from a distance. The cards would need to look regular in terms of their back design, yet would be effortless to read both close up and far away. In fact, they would be just as easy to read from across the room, up to over twenty feet away, as they would be to read up close in a normal performing environment.

I tried many different approaches and iterations on the basic concept over the years, each time solving different problems that arose along the way, refining and developing the idea, until I finally hit on the ultimate solution.

This is what I am now offering to you.

The Eleusis Deck is the ultimate marked deck that can be read just as effortlessly from a distance, as it can up close.

These cards are printed on the finest card stock utilizing Cartamundi's 'True Linen B9 finish'.

They are a Poker size deck with a beautiful back design that appears completely normal to the uninitiated, yet hidden in plain sight is a simple to learn marking system that will allow you to create miracles.

Thanks to the intuitive way of coding numbers built into the symmetrical marking system, each card becomes effortless to read after a little practice. You will be able to glance at the back of a card for a second and instantly know its identity, even if the back of the card is partially obscured from view by your spectator and even if the card is viewed from across the room.

It will become second nature for you to read the cards, once you have spent only a small amount of time learning to recognize the various patterns that are inherent in the marking system. There is no real mental effort on your part in performance but if necessary, you will still be able to mentally construct the identity of each of the cards by following the simple rules of the marking system. As soon as you have become familiar with the deck, you will be able to get a full read of each card in a second.

The marking system utilizes the negative white space inherent in the back design to create each of the markings, which means they will stay completely hidden from view from those who you perform for, via perception.
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