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Music Box Collector's Set Playing Cards Dutch Card House Company

Music Box Collector's Set Playing Cards Dutch Card House Company

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For collectors, they made a beautiful high-quality rigid Music box to dress up their celebration deck. Opening the box you will hear the famous tune of Tulips from Amsterdam played by a traditional Dutch hurdy-gurdy!

The box comes alongside a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by the designer, Jannieke van Geet.

Inside you find The White Tulip deck, the 3rd instalment in the Tulip Delft Blue series. The custom-designed deck features the renowned Delft Blue colors with the Tulip as the center piece.

The overall design of the back of the White Tulip has the same eye-catching tulips with floral details, placed with ornamentals as seen in the previous editions.

The faces and numbers spark familiarity and feature customized pips and a font inspired by the old Dutch writing style. In this edition, they have also added a numeric pointer below the pips to make every card even more unique. Every Ace in the Tulip Playing Cards series is a crown jewel, ready to steal the show while playing, shuffling, or dealing!

There are 2 Jokers in each deck are designed with the famous Dutch historical architecture in mind, totally in line with the Delft Blue color scheme. the renowned Dutch mills, and bicycles.

The deck is packaged in a matte paper stock tuck box with rich tulip details embossed at the tuck backs.

Printed by Legends Playing Card Co.
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