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COGNI (impression pad) - Ricardo Montoya

COGNI (impression pad) - Ricardo Montoya

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Stop worrying about losing that special pen or searching online for that special paper and you can reset it in less than 5 seconds - all you need to blow their minds is COGNI. It's like carrying SUPER POWERS in your pocket.

COGNI is a very versatile and organic tool that gives an impression that is very visible to you and invisible to your audience... Using almost any pen - Sharpie, biro, pencil, crayon, even a feather. You can even borrow a pen. Yes, you read that right, you can borrow the pen!

What about refilling the notepad? You can refill COGNI or transfer the gimmick to a different notepad. You are going to love the practicality.

What you get:
  • 2 COGNI notepads.
  • 70 minutes of video instructions (Spanish with English subtitles)
  • 5 routines honed over 6 years!
  • Ideas for mind reading, influence, spectator as mind reader
  • Tips to steal the information.
  • Among other secrets.
Does not include:
  • Batteries, because it does not need them!
  • Special pen, because it does not need them!
  • NFC, because it does not need them!
Are you ready to have this super power in your pocket?
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