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Creative Thinking: The Osterlind Approach by Richard Osterlind

Creative Thinking: The Osterlind Approach by Richard Osterlind

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Contact Mind Reading: The Osterlind Approach and Cold Reading: The Osterlind Approach (volumes one and two in the Advanced Mentalism Training series) have become best sellers, lauded by professional mentalists as being essential reading. Now, after eight long years, Richard has completed volume three of the series, Creative Thinking: The Osterlind Approach! This may come to be considered one of Richard's finest books ever!

As Jim Sisti points out in his foreword, creativity is a nebulous and mysterious process. Richard explains, in this new book, just how he goes about developing new ideas and methods for his shows. This is all real world, practical knowledge that you will use! Also covered are many profound subjects concerning mentalism and how they relate to the creative process. As always, Richard's method of writing makes you feel he is right there talking to you! He makes learning this material - fun!

Finally, the last chapter in the book is a bonus filled with practical advice similar to that found in his acclaimed Field Manual series! This chapter alone contains tons of great advice.

If you're looking to improve your show dramatically, we believe you'll find Creative Thinking: The Osterlind Approach to be an invaluable addition to your mentalism library!
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