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Readings (Vol 2) by Peter Turner eBook DOWNLOAD

Readings (Vol 2) by Peter Turner eBook DOWNLOAD

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Welcome to the 2nd Volume of Peter Turner's mentalism master class.

In this volume, Peter teaches techniques and methods for giving a proper reading, and how to make it as surefire as it can be.

This eBook teaches you techniques of Cold Reading by the master mentalist himself!

Cold reading is a very under-used technique, but is still possibly the strongest technique in the world of mentalism.

Imagine walking up to someone and, without any gimmicks or props, you are able to give a perfect personality reading to that person. In this eBook, you will learn how to do just that!

But that's not all. Peter offers you complete routines that allow you to practice these techniques without any chance of failure.

This is Volume 2 Readings by Peter Turner!
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