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D.I.E. - Sirus Magic & Premium Magic Store - Trick

D.I.E. - Sirus Magic & Premium Magic Store - Trick

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A spectator's card is chosen randomly, by the throw of a paper dice. They can throw as many times as they like. When they are happy with the number, they will count from a deck, to that number, to choose a card. When they have their card, they will be very surprised to find, that the dice was influencing them the whole time, without realizing, The Die itself, when unfolded, is made from a matching duplicate of the card they "freely" choose!
Based on a revamped 30+ yr old principle, this simple (for the performer) yet effective principle allows the spectator or any number of spectators to get involved, seemingly do all the work, and yet still create a miracle revelation at the end of the effect.

Comes with 2 different gimmicks to allow for repeat or multiple performances without having to always have the same outcome.

Gimmicks pack flat and take up very little room in your case or wallet.

With no special decks this super effect can be performed anywhere that has a deck of cards as long as you have your special dice at the ready.
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