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Extreme Danger Extreme Hypnosis - It's Time for the Sleepwalking Zombies to Wake Up by JONATHAN ROYLE Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

Extreme Danger Extreme Hypnosis - It's Time for the Sleepwalking Zombies to Wake Up by JONATHAN ROYLE Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

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This download package contains the audio book version of the official print edition paper back book and eBook, Extreme Danger Extreme Hypnosis, by Hypnotist Jonathan Royle.

This eBook accompanies, expands on and then goes far beyond the subjects discussed in his YouTube web series and feature television and movie style documentary of the same name.

Royle will take you deep down the rabbit hole to show you how we have all been hypnotized in every area of our lives.

These subject matters would make great patter stories and/or presentational angles for the astute mentalist and bizarre mind magician.

From the cradle to the grave via the banking system through education, mainstream media, psychology, religion, politics, retail advertising, health and even the police system, we are constantly being hypnotized from all angles of our lives.

These are NOT conspiracy theories but, rather, these are conspiracy facts. The contents of these audio recordings (and the print book) go far beyond what the web series or feature documentary could cover and have been dubbed by many as the "Simple Encyclopedic Step by Step Guide to Conspiracy Facts, Alternative History and Truth Research Evidence and Findings."

There are a total of 25 audio files which combined gives you just over eleven hours and 19 minutes of truly eye opening and thought-provoking material. This contains facts, evidence and often shocking revelations about what is truly going on all around you in the world we all live in.

Also included as bonus items within this bumper download package are:

01) Royle's Mind Control & Conspiracy Package (Usual retail - $15)

02) R.O.A.M. = Reality Of All Matter (Usual retail - $15)

These bonus items alone are worth $30, which is more than the tiny cost of this entire download package!


01) Royle's Mind Control & Conspiracy Package ROYLE MIND CONTROL SECRETS EXPOSED: The Real Truth About Social Engineering, Mass Hypnosis, Brainwashing, Persuasion & Influence Techniques & Illuminati Mind Control Secrets by JONATHAN ROYLE

Within this bumper Zip File Download (4.1GB), you will find a total of:
  • 12 video files with a combined duration of just over eleven hours.
  • Two audio files which together run for around two and a half hours.
  • Download links for 24 relevant books and training manuals.
You will also learn exactly how the entire world population is being manipulated, controlled and influenced using the above strategies by those who really run the world.

Yes indeed, not only will the contents of this package expose powerful mind control and persuasion techniques and how you can easily and effectively use them in your everyday life in a positive manner to help take control of any and all situations...

But also, you will learn how the world media, politicians, bankers, celebrities and other high-profile individuals, companies and institutions are truly pulling the strings behind the scenes as you start to understand the much bigger picture of life.

However, be warned that some of it is very scary, shockingly eye opening and extremely thought provoking indeed.

Studying the contents of this package will not only give you access to tools, techniques and strategies to help you get the most out of every situation in life by becoming a master of persuasion and influence, but it will also help wake you up to what is really going on in the world.

Royle's revelations about how corrupt the vast majority of the world media are and how they are involved in covering up things, as well as being involved in brainwashing the public for the real powers that be are both shockingly honest and eye opening.

And then when he reveals what they have likely been hiding and helping to cover up for decades, more and more pieces of the jigsaw of REAL LIFE and the TRUE REALITY of the world we live in will make themselves crystal clear to you.

Those who have studied David Icke will massively enjoy the contents of this package. Those who have not will, we feel sure, be motivated to investigate the works of David Icke in great depth after they have watched the videos, listened to the audios and read the manuals which you will gain access to when you grab this package today.

It is our desire for this information to reach a massive audience around the world. That is why we are making it available for a token investment of just $20.

02) R.O.A.M. = Reality Of All Matter

is perhaps the most controversial, educational and enlightening book you will ever read during this lifetime.

Indeed, Royce Holloman of Paranormal Palace Radio (USA) admitted that he was amazed by this book's revelations during a recent feature interview with the two authors on his Radio Show.

He actually accused the authors T. HuGoth and Dr. Jonathan Royle of having studied quantum physics to degree level and beyond, which in reality is not the case.

In truth, this book contains the truth about space, time travel, evolution, the pyramids, Einstein, Darwin, aliens, UFOs, ghosts, and numerous other elements of the so-called paranormal and supernatural.

To discover the true reality of all matter and the meaning of life, you need to read this book now before it's too late. But be warned -- once you read its contents, you may never think, feel or be the same again.

Download the eBook/video files and learn what this is all about.
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