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Gaff School Volume 1 (Split Card Gaffs) by Jeremy Hanrahan video DOWNLOAD

Gaff School Volume 1 (Split Card Gaffs) by Jeremy Hanrahan video DOWNLOAD

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Who amongst us can't survive without some great gaff cards? Many card tricks require them. Learn the skill of making your own!

From the gaffing table to your computer comes a download series that you will actually learn from. Imagine being able to make your own gaff cards from one of the top gaff producers in the industry, Jeremy Hanrahan.

In this first installment, you will learn the basics of card splitting in meticulous detail. You'll learn how to make half cards, vertical cards, and a homework assignment to make diagonal split cards. In the bonus section, you will learn how to make double faces and double backers. You'd be surprised at the small steps people leave out that separate their gaffs from Jeremy's top quality professional gaffs. Now you will learn those steps. You will be able to make better gaff cards than you ever thought possible.

Jeremy Hanrahan is the leading card and deck gaffer in the magic industry. He's worked with theory11, Penguin Magic, Paul Harris, Blake Vogt, and many other top professional magicians. See why the pros use Hanrahan!
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