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Theory by Sandro Loporcaro - Video DOWNLOAD

Theory by Sandro Loporcaro - Video DOWNLOAD

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This video is a collection four different effects and techniques of mentalism, handling and close-up:

Dough & Cut the Sponge: suitable as an opening in the sponge balls routine.

Devil's Rope: do as I do, but the end result will always be different from the magician. No gimmick, repeatable several times with a different result.

The Child with Balloon: an effect of mentalism with some balloons in a bowl and a paper bag unprepared, very visual and practical. No table involved, using also without jacket, one envelope and one photo. No thread, no magnet.

Spy Control: impromptu control of a card, easy to do, no gimmick.

"I enjoyed your video, particularly 'The Child with Balloon' this is a great idea which I may very well put to good use myself. Thank you."
- Daryl
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