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Forks Full of Appetizers (Softcover) - Book

Forks Full of Appetizers (Softcover) - Book

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Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic, that is often referred to as at the 4F Convention, and was later renamed Obie's 4F, was the first and Original Close-Up Magic Convention.

Since its inception the exclusive, by-invitation-only, event has attracted the best close-up magicians in the world. Along with well-known magicians there were many lesser known but highly skilled hobbyists who helped shape the landscape of close-up magic.

In 1982 many of the attendees contributed one of their original creations for a book called Fork Full Of Appetizers, in 1984 a second book appeared with many more contributions. Both books have been out of print for many years and are now available as a single volume.

The 73 contributors are a who's who of close-up magic. Many of the names have become hugely popular creators and performers in our field and many of the contributions in this book are routines and techniques they actually used to earn a living. What is also special about this book is that most of the routines were written by their inventors. If you knew them, you could hear their voices explaining the magic.

Inside you will find 98 close-up routines using cards, coins, and other small objects. The skill level required ranges from easy, to difficult. There is literally something for everyone here, whether you are a hobbyist, student, or the most skilled professional, you will find magic to play with and perform.

Magicians include: Michael Ammar, Gene Anderson, Bruce Barnett, Jon Brunelle, Harry Carroll, Dom Cervas, Del Copley, John Cornelius, Roy Cottee, Tom Craven, JC Doty, David Drake, Carl Dreher, Steve Dusheck, Ed Eckl, Tony Econ, Neal Elias, Bob Farmer, Bob Follmer, Tom Gagnon, Lou Gallo, Mike Gallo, Dan Garrett, Paul Gertner, Gene Gordon, Michael Gorman, Claude Hale, Bob Haines, Joe Hammer, Carl Herron, Mike Hilburger, Norm Houghton, Richard Hughes, Peter Isaacs, Bill Kalush, Richard Kaufman, Bob King, Mike Lewinski, Sid Lorraine, Denis MacKenzie, Max Maven, John McLachlan, Ray Mertz, Bill Miesel, Roy Miller, Tom Mullica, Karl Norman, Obie O'Brien, Mike O'Dowd, Gary Ouellet, Mack Picknick, Joe Riding, Michael Skinner, Allan Slaight, Chuck Stanfield, Tom Staton, Bob Stencil, Warren Stephens, Mel Stover, Peter Tappan, Vic Trabucco, Hans Trixer, Randy Wakeman, David Walker, Robert Wicks, Carl Wiesinger, Phil Willmarth, Wally Wilson, Tommy Wonder, Meir Yedid, Frank Zak, Herb Zarrow, and Ron Zollweg.

This is the first time this magic is being made widely available. Until now the only way to get access to this material was to buy copies of the books during the annual 4F Convention.

First Edition. Published by Meir Yedid Magic. 6"x9" softcover, perfect bound, Compiled, written and edited by Bill Miesel. 232-pages with 160-illustrations by Tom Gagnon. Forward by Meir Yedid, Introduction by Obie O'Brien, and Preface by Mike Hilburger.
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