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Genii Magazine June 2023 - Book

Genii Magazine June 2023 - Book

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JUNE 2023


Strong Magic, Strong Opinions - The Uncompromising Magical Life of Bernard Bilis by Carl Mercurio
The Magic of Bernard Bilis by Carl Mercurio
  • Count Down Triumph
  • Go to See If I'm There
  • Impossible Center Deal

Genii Speaks
by Richard Kaufman
In Memoriam
  • Dr. Edwin Dawes by Julie Eng
  • Harry Lorayne by Jon Racherbaumer
The Eye by Vanessa Armstrong
Exhumations Bar Spin Revealment by Jon Racherbaumer
Conjuring The Poem What Reads Your Mind by Jim Steinmeyer
Material Concessions A Useful Vanisher by David Regal
Stage as Studio Muddled Moves by Krystyn Lambert
WWPD Your Lucky Card by Jonathan Friedman
Dealing With It Bongo Alley by John Bannon
Magicana by Robert Ramirez
  • Palm Off by Robert Ramirez
  • Coin Through Hand(s) by Jeffrey Wang
The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii
  • Knights at The Magic Castle by Shawn McMaster
  • Now Appearing at The Magic Castle

Books Reviewed by Tom Frame
  • Gagnon's Inner Sanctum by Tom Gagnon
  • The Bammo Crambazzled Dossier by Bob Farmer
  • Percolations by Reed Swans Collective
  • Hocus Pocus by Rik Worth and Jordan Collver
Videos Reviewed by Bill Wells
  • Six Impossible Things by Joshua Jay
  • The Spin by Michael Kaminskas
Tricks Reviewed by Tom Dobrowolski
  • "Scents of Wonder" by Todd Karr
  • "ARM: Almost Real Magic" by Obie O'Brien and Joe Riding
  • "Slipstream" by Eric Stevens
  • "Feel Better: A Magical Act of Kindness for a Stressed-Out World" by Chris Philpott
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