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Hexology (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Michael Murray - Trick

Hexology (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Michael Murray - Trick

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"I genuinely think it's unbeatable for creating a genuine moment of sincere wonder. Done in a quiet and intimate environment I think it's a reputation maker. It oozes class. There really is nothing else like it."
- Darren Woolf

"When Steve first told me he was releasing this effect, it was music to my ears, this truly is a showpiece!"
- Michael Murray

  • Online video instruction
  • Seven custom printed cards, immaculately produced by Haresign Press
  • Custom-arranged downloadable music track that can be accessed on any modern mobile device
  • Bonus one-hour brainstorming session video with Turner, Lemon & Murray
Drawing inspiration from history, this effect is almost 500 years in the making...

Fresh from the fertile mind of Steve Haresign comes an incredible piece of mentalism that perfectly blends both fact and fiction to create a true masterpiece of a routine that is truly fit for royalty.

Seven cards plus two ears equal one mind-blowing experience...

Steve Haresign is world renowned for producing the highest quality books imaginable, and this attention to detail echoes through to the beautifully illustrated custom cards that are supplied with this effect.

By coupling these cards with the custom-composed music track you are all set to take your participants on a mind trip that they will never forget. It is important to recognise that this isn't a mere 'filler' effect, but instead is a ten-minute piece of pure theatre.

Is music powerful enough to control the actions of your participant?...

Framed by the back story of King Henry VIII you introduce the seven supplied cards, six of which bear the image of Henry's wives. Placing full control of the six ladies in the participant's hands, the participant further sets the scene by playing the custom-composed classical audio track on the mobile device.

Whilst the participant's mind is occupied with the ambience of the music, they are instructed to arrange the ladies in whichever order feels right to them. As the music begins to draw to a close the mentalist poses the question of whether the participant's actions could have been subconsciously orchestrated by the music.

Just as the participant begins to question this notion, the mentalist reveals the undeniable proof that has been staring them in the face the whole time, trust us when we say that this is a moment that they will never forget!!!

Food for thought...

Going further than that, with the help of Peter Turner, Mark Lemon and Michael Murray, Steve offers a variety of different ways in which the supplied tools can be utilised to create a tapestry of different approaches that will be sure to delight the modern performer. These additional thoughts and ideas are presented in the form of a one-hour brainstorming session that promises to offer a king's banquet of food for thought.

"If my opinion is worth anything at all, then trust me, when I genuinely tell you that Steve has developed something quite beautiful and extraordinary with his new effect, 'Hexology'. To call this a trick is scandalously demeaning because this is a pure piece of art! The routine is a masterclass in plot structure and theatricality.
The cards that Steve has designed are to die for; genuinely breathtaking! Worth double the asking price of the effect for the cards alone! To top it all, the effect is not only historically enlightening and entertaining but will no doubt fool the pants off you. There is an old cliché, which goes, 'I wish I HAD thought of it.' Well, DAMN! I wish I'D have thought of it! A unique effect from a unique mind.

- Steve Cook
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