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JUMP RED by Mickael Chatelain - Trick

JUMP RED by Mickael Chatelain - Trick

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In magic, the simplest things are always the most annoying...

Want to be pissed off ? So watch the video below and tell yourself that you too will do it!

Introducing JUMP by Mickael Chatelain

A card, chosen or not, and a hole punch!

Take the card and using the hole punch, make 2 holes, 2 well separated holes.

Ask your spectators for keys, and take a small carabiner out of your pocket.

If your spectators do not have keys, show that your carabiner has one and that you can very well use it if your spectators wish!

Now take the card, pass the carabiner with your key (or that of a spectator) through one of the two holes!

Show the whole thing to your spectators, up close, very very close...


Ask your spectators to look at the carabiner with the key hanging... tell them that this one, with the key, will jump from one hole to another! And all this in VIEW of course!
Needless to say, your spectators won't take their eyes off the card and the key!


The carabiner jumps as you just said on the other hole! It's crazy ! You have to see it to believe it...
How, carabiner and key can jump from one hole to another? A real mystery for your spectators and even for a magician believe me.
Finally, you remove the carabiner and return the key to its owner if necessary!
The card will end up in the trash, there is definitely nothing to see.

  • Very easy to present
  • Automatique
  • Invisible! At 10cm there is nothing to see!
  • The key and carabiner pass from one hole to another, on sight! Really on sight!
The final word by Mickael:

"I filmed the explainer video for you, 40 minutes of video where I will teach you step by step how to make this incredible gimmick! It's so easy that in 5 minutes, you'll get there! No wires, no magnets, none of that!
You will then have plenty of time to make JUMP indefinitely.
Tips, tricks and different possibilities are in this video! Have you ever attended one of my creative workshops? Well, now is the time to discover behind the scenes and move on to the creative side"
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