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LOTRICKS (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Yoan TANUJI & Magic Dream - Trick

LOTRICKS (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Yoan TANUJI & Magic Dream - Trick

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"Can you predict the Lottery numbers?!"

Many magicians and mentalists have already been challenged by a spectator with this question.

Is this your case? Then LOTRICKS is for you!

Yoan Tanuji is the creator of many successful mentalism tricks and effects such as the Passport Project, David Stone Words, Room 66, etc.

Today, Yoan offers you a specially printed deck of marked cards with lottery balls, numbered from 1 to 52. Thanks to these playing cards, you will not only be able to predict each draw, but also to force fate and influence your spectators' choices.

Much more than a deck of cards, this tool will allow you to build complete act on the theme of games of chance. The 2-hour video explanation takes you through a real learning process, from automatic tricks to slightly more technical performances. Several techniques are taught to you. Original revelations are given to you in order to make the most of the power of the effects. Stories to tell your audience and food for thought are provided to make them dream even more.

Want to give them a shot?

  • Very complete 2-hour tutorial video
  • Answer at last to the spectators who ask you to predict the lotto numbers
  • Double back and double sided card included to achieve more effects
You will receive:
  • A specially printed and marked pack of cards
  • Gaffs cards
  • 2 hours of training video in English
Lotricks, a lot of tricks with lottery balls!
Design by Jean-Charles Briand
A special thank to Guillaume Bienne for his ideas and help with the project
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