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MELTY BLUE (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Jordan Victoria - Trick

MELTY BLUE (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Jordan Victoria - Trick

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With MELTY you will now be able to take the classic Sharpie™ through card to the next level.

More logical, MELTY allows you to visually penetrate a lighter through a signed card and give everything for examination at the end!

This is the best object through card you'll ever have in your hands!

What you receive:
  • A high precision made gimmick ready to be used (Made by Jordan himself)
  • Does not include lighter
  • An instructional video teaching you how to use the gimmick (explanations in English and French)
What they think about Melty:

"The only object through card that makes sense. Organic and visual. Melty is a must have!"
- Patrick Kun

"Everything just feels so right. It's not just the magic. It's the details. I like this!"
- Will Tsai

"The legend of the material that passes through another material takes all its sense with Melty. Extremely powerful, visual, brilliant and completely justified! It looks like sciencefiction... but it's not. A gimmick that will always remain in your pocket!
- Billy Debu

- Henry Harrius

"Melty is how an object through card should look like. It's so visual and practical to perform!"
- Hanson Chien

"Melty is so visual and amazing! I highly recommend it!"
- Jeki Yoo

"Melty should come with aspirins because your spectators are going to have a headache! It's so clean! I do not get enough."
- Mickael Chatelain
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