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MONU by Alexis De La Fuente - Trick

MONU by Alexis De La Fuente - Trick

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I have always loved the ESP Jazz trick, but something has always bothered me: the ESP cards. They never made sense in my mind, and the audience doesn't know what they are. So I thought of a modern and playful way to transform this effect!

You introduce two sets of 5 cards, using the classic codes and colors of a world famous board game. After shuffling the cards, the spectator and the magician take turns to place their cards on the table. In the end, all the cards match and are in the same order!

MONU is an ultra simple effect, straightforward, easy to do and easy to follow! The cards look like a familiar board game, which makes the routine easy to introduce and allows a wide range of presentations. Printed in France, the cards have a special coating, which will allow you to use them in many conditions and they will last a long time. Easy to carry in a wallet, MONU is a trick that you will always have on you, which resets instantly.

The method is ultra simple to learn, I take great care in the tutorial video entirely in English to teach you in detail all the subtleties so that you can be ready to perform the effect without any difficulty. I even added an extra effect by hiding a bonus in the design of the cards, so you can fool your spectators even more!

  • Easy to do
  • Instant reset
  • Only 10 cards, takes up very little space
  • The method was thought to be seen easily, while remaining very discreet
  • Printed in France with a protective coating
  • Worldwide known design
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