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Polka Dot Silk (18" x 18") by Mr. Magic - Trick

Polka Dot Silk (18" x 18") by Mr. Magic - Trick

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Here's a real audience pleaser!

This is quick, visual magic that you can immediately add in your stage performances. After showing a black satin hanky on both sides to be absolutely ordinary, you shake it. Visually, white spots magically appear on both sides!

This can be performed with a variation. A polka dot hanky is first shown and then shaken. The spots fall to the floor and the silk becomes black on both sides! Picking up a handful of spots from a tray, you throw them in the air. As they descend, the hanky is shaken, and the spots magically become affixed to the hanky in a nice Matrix formation!

This baffles audiences and looks great!
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