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BIGBLINDMEDIA Presents OMG Super Morigami (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by John Bannon - Trick

BIGBLINDMEDIA Presents OMG Super Morigami (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by John Bannon - Trick

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John Bannon's OMG Super Morigami is a self-contained, self-working packet trick that utterly defies explanation. Indeed, the fact that it works may baffle you almost as much as your spectators!!!

You bring out a small packet of playing cards. Each card is from a different casino and each one has a large letter written on the back. You explain that this is your ranking system. You secretly pocket a card from each Casino you visit, and then rate it from A to Z!

The packet is mixed face-up and face-down, shuffled, and cut by you--and your spectator! To further randomize things, the cards are then remixed again - totally at the direction of your spectator. They make all the decisions! The packet is a mess of face up and face down cards - and your spectator was the one who decided on the configuration!

Despite this totally hands off procedure the ONLY cards remaining face down are removed to show that the letters on the back spell LUCKY!

Lucky indeed.

However, it turns out that they were even luckier than they thought. You turn each of the "L-U-C-K-Y" cards face up, revealing a Royal Flush in Spades!

OMG Super Morigami sees John Bannon continuing his epic work in the field of packet tricks. The creator of immense best sellers such as Twisted Sisters, Royal Scam, Buzzkill, Duplicity, Paint It Blank, and Spin Doctor has a knack for creating commercial, fun, utterly fooling tricks that you'll be desperate to get out and perform. And, as an added bonus, this one is totally self-working... meaning you can put all your attention on presenting it and soaking up the glory.

  • A self contained pocket miracle. The 12 specially printed cards (on beautiful USPCC stock) are supplied in a wallet for easy transport
  • 100% Self Working. No sleights, peeks, forces or equivoque!
  • Totally examinable. Nothing to hide.
  • Impossibly fooling. The spectator literally makes all the decisions.
  • Packaged in a beautiful faux-hardback book - just right to slip onto your shelf and protect your set of gaff cards

  • "This trick is an absolute killer!"9.5/10 Straight Talk Magic Reviews

    It should not come as a surprise to you to learn that this is my current favorite trick. John Bannon is a card god and always puts out great material." Jim Canaday, Magic Trick Reviews

    "John Bannon's influence on card magic is undeniable, and 'OMG Super Morigami Poker!' is another winner." Ryan Plunkett, Genii Magazine

    "Another brilliant packet trick from John I always keep it with me, I got it to show my family, but when I took it with me to the pub, they could not believe it, I even got a couple of free pints, please keep them coming." 5/5 Michael H

    "Very very easy to perform and is a great effect.. John Bannon is a treasure!"5/5 Steven Z

    "A brilliant effect, had great reactions to this trick with very little effort . Recommend this trick to magicians at any level." 5/5 David B

    "Great trick. Even when you know what's happening it's tough to wrap your mind around it. Baffling to say the least, but it just works!!!" 5/5 Bill L

    "Terrific, unusual, easy to so (so you can focus on performance), magical. Buy it--this is one you'll use!" 5/5 Gregory G
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