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Organic Spirit Slates (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Juan Capilla and Julio Montoro - Trick

Organic Spirit Slates (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Juan Capilla and Julio Montoro - Trick

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We all love the Spirit Slates, it is a classic in magic history. But most of us don't perform it because they are not made for a casual environment. Here it is where Juan Capilla comes into play.

With this new version of the Spirit Slates you can perform the classic with an organic and modern view, carrying them out with your keys all day, becoming your newest EDC magic trick.

With our Organic Spirit Slates you can give everything for examination to the spectators, and as they have been specially constructed using whiteboard material, you will be able to write or draw whatever you want as many times as you want, and give everything for examination at the end, thanks to the new handling created by Juan Capilla.

You will learn how to perform 6 amazing routines, included in the tutorial, specifically created for this organic version of the Spirit Slates. It does not matter the other versions you already have, our Organic Spirit Slates are going to become your favourite thanks to the sizes and the organic and innocent look of them.

With our Organic Spirit Slates you are going to receive:
  • Set of two specially gaffed Organic Spirit Slates
  • Hook to put the OSL in your keys right after opening the packaging.
  • Detailed tutorial video with 5 routines specially created for the Organic Spirit Slates.
  • An extra bonus routine by the genius mind of Rubi Férez, Spanish Grand Prize of Magic.
This is what the PROS say about our Organic Spirit Slates:

"This version of the classic Spirit Slates is an original and fresh approach to the old classic. I will attach it to my keys right now! I love it!"
- Joao Miranda

"You will want to get one of these as soon as they are available."
- Craig Petty (95% and 98% in his review show)

"I always look for magic that looks as real as possible. This is what the Organic Spirit Slates by Julio Montoro and Juan Capilla does!"
- Adrian Vega

We, at Julio Montoro Productions, are proud to present you the Organic Spirit Slates.

Disclaimer: We are aware of the Spirit Slates launched by TCC magic. Our version has been in production for 2 years, and after talking with the TCC owner, we two decided to release our versions without any problems.
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