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Osterlind Outside the Box by Richard Osterlind - Book

Osterlind Outside the Box by Richard Osterlind - Book

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Take a step with Richard outside the box to a whole new world of thinking about mentalism!

Imagine being able to approach your act so the audience has no doubt you have some kind of special powers! Get ready to open your mind to ideas that aren't pipe dreams, but are proven methods that can transform the impact of your mentalism tremendously!

Richard shares secrets that have taken him a lifetime of performing to develop. Often these ideas are "outside the box" compared to standard thinking. In fact, one's thinking is exactly what Richard demonstrates has to be changed! He shares insights as to where his own mind goes when both creating routines and performing on stage. We guarantee you will be fascinated by his novel approaches as to how effects should be presented and what makes them so powerful.

Although he gives example after example using actual effects, these methodologies can be used on almost any routine you now perform. For years, Richard's creations have been lauded as outstanding, but now you will see how he launches the impact of these into the realm of the real art of mentalism!

Richard also talks about performers who have influenced him, some famous and some not so famous, and delves into just what he believes made them so special. These insights are Richard's ideas as to what appears to be the thinking processes of these giants. These are fascinating concepts that you will probably ponder long after you put the book down.

Advice galore resides within these pages and, as Richard has said before, "If I make you think - really think - about these concepts, I will have done my job." Many people have stated that Richard's works contributed greatly to their success in mentalism. Hopefully, this book will continue that tradition.Finally, Richard gives the ultimate out of the box idea - his new method of doing the Magic Square presentation. Although he first performed this great routine on the Corinda DVDs, and later refined the idea using a crib in his book Crib, this final method dispenses with the crib and will allow you to do this routine anytime and anywhere. All the steps are easy to learn and you certainly can master this routine in just a few nights. Once you have, you can perform an Instant Magic Square that is different than any other. You can complete the square literally as fast as you can write and all the numbers will be different for each magic square you create. Finally, Richard has added an ending that goes beyond the typical Magic Square routine. Just when the audience thinks it is all over, you are able to hit them with one last bombshell that adds a new and definite climax to the effect! If they didn't think so before, they will believe you are a true mastermind!
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