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Super Visual Silk To Rose by Juan Pablo - Trick

Super Visual Silk To Rose by Juan Pablo - Trick

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SUPER VISUAL SILK TO ROSE is the fastest, easiest and most visual way to transform a silk into a rose!

The effect is that a piece of silk magically and visually becomes a rose.

The product proposes three different ways to transform a silk into a rose.

You can invent other ways to achieve the effect since the product is very versatile.

SUPER VISUAL SILK TO ROSE is made of excellent quality and its appearance is of an absolutely real rose. In addition, the system has a brake mechanism so that you can perform the effect not only at the beginning of your show but also during the show at any time you want.

The mechanism is made so that the product is super durable over time.

The preparation to be able to perform the effect is only 5 seconds before doing it, which allows you to practically instantly do the effect with only a 5-second preparation and you will be ready to go into action.

The fact that this product is prepared in 5 seconds will allow you to rehearse it many, many times without having to spend time preparing the effect.

It is an effect that can be done both up close and on stage, since the rose that appears looks very real.
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