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Topping the Deck: The Perfect Move by Jamy Ian Swiss - Book

Topping the Deck: The Perfect Move by Jamy Ian Swiss - Book

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A one-of-a-kind exploration of one of the most vital components of card magic.

When Dai Vernon first published Select Secrets in 1941, he probably never would have imagined that a singular sleight included among 11 other pieces of magic would eventually become one of the most cherished moves in magic. Yet, that is exactly what happened as Vernon changed the course of card magic with the publication of Topping the Deck in this pamphlet.

Widely considered to be the best way to palm a single card from the top of the deck, Topping the Deck is one of the most perfectly-designed moves in card magic. It is devoid of the imperfections that often affect other core sleights from the classic pass to the double life. As such, countless magicians have spent a lifetime studying this move.

Jamy Ian Swiss is one of those magicians and, partnering with Vanishing Inc., is finally sharing everything he's learned with The Perfect Move. This beautiful 60-page book is an never-before-seen look at the essential details you need to master this vital sleight. From the origins and inspirations, to the mechanics, unique finesses and even techniques for overcoming common pitfalls, everything is explained in crystal-clear detail.

Vernon's original explanation spanned only a few paragraphs and had only one small illustration. However, this text is accompanied by a wide variety of gorgeous photos that make learning easier than ever.

The Perfect Move is a must-read book for any student of card magic, regardless of your skill level. Those already familiar with the move will discover the many opportunities to refine their technique and elevate their performances to the next level. While those who have not yet studied the palm cannot find a better place to learn one of the important and powerful moves in card magic.

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