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PITATA VibRing (Cross / Size 9) by PITATA MAGIC - Trick

PITATA VibRing (Cross / Size 9) by PITATA MAGIC - Trick

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The world's first electronic magic ring with endless possibilities.


You hand a nut and bolt to an audience member and have them thread the nut partially onto the bolt to prove that everything is as it should be.

You then pinch one end of the bolt with your fingers. Without touching the nut at all, the nut starts to rotate on its own and eventually unscrews completely from the bolt.

You may already be familiar with this effect. This is the classic telekinetic self-untwisting nut and bolt effect.

Due to the routine being so visual and magical, it is regularly in the repertoire of many close-up magic performers and has even appeared multiple times on TV.

Many have devoted themselves to researching this effect and several different versions have been developed. The methods employed are very unique, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages...

Nevertheless, that is not the main point. What we intend to convey is that, even if you already owned the other versions of this effect, PITATA will bring you a whole new experience.

It works with most regular small nuts and bolts. The nut and bolt are untampered and can be given away as a souvenir. No sleeves are required.

All you need is the PITATA VibRing.

This could very well be the world's first true electronic magic ring. The effects include but are not limited to:
  • Self-unscrewing nut and bolt, which can be given to the audience as souvenirs;
  • Moving bottle cap;
  • An audience's ring traveling along a marker pen;
  • An audience's ring, coin, earring, or earbuds, moving on a card;
  • An audience feels the 'energy transfer' when touching the performer's fingertips.
PITATA VibRing is exactly what it sounds like. It is a vibration finger-ring.

We designed VibRing based on an actual antique signet ring. Made of copper alloy. We strived to make it as 'ordinary' as possible, while still fulfilling its intended purpose:

In fact, it would be quite a simple task to just insert a vibration motor into a ring, however, if we consider factors such as size, charging safety, durability, lifespan, triggering method, noise, and other factors, it is a major challenge.

Finally, we managed to fit the high-speed vibration motors, control circuits, batteries, customized silent switches, and other components that are all integrated into a limited space. At the same time, it is inconspicuous, safe, durable, silent, and convenient.

Main features:
  • Sound: Extremely quiet. The lowest value the decibel meters on the market can go is 30 decibels. It cannot be measured.
  • Size: US size 8~12. It needs to be worn on the middle finger. It can be one size smaller than what you usually wear. Please confirm in advance.
  • Weight: Approximately 25~30g.
  • Battery life: More than 100 uses on a single charge.
    (Do allow for a slight margin of error in the data above)
  • PITATA VibRing
  • Full online instructions
  • Warranty
  • Nut and bolt
About the size measuring:

The ring should be worn on middle finger. The first/index finger can also be used but it is not as good as the middle finger. Others won't work.
To precisely measure the size of your finger, the best way is to ask for help in a jewelry store by using the sizing tool.
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