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Michel Huot's Visa Versa (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) - Trick

Michel Huot's Visa Versa (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) - Trick

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The invisible deck is one of the strongest card tricks ever created. There is just one weakness: people are not emotionally attached to cards. But, people are attached to countries they want to visit or that they visited before (example: imagine how people are attached to the country they went for their honeymoon)


This effect is ideal for cocktail, table hopping OR zoom shows. Pump-up your Invisible Deck with Michel Huot's Visa-Versa.

In addition, each card has additional information like the country's capital, the population etc. Everything is coded (very easy) on the card case or on the cards themselves (no memory work needed).

You can also use this deck as a normal deck that you would have bought at the souvenir stand at an airport. BE creative, lots of possibilities (especially mentalism routines).

Video instructions by Michel Huot.
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